Mindfulness will help you to become the best person that you can be by being present in the moment, gaining control over your mind by damaging negative thoughts. Improves your physical health, relieves stress, treats heart disease, lowers blood pressure, chronic pain, improves sleep and alleviates gastrointestinal problems.

Relaxation Massage

Do you want to feel relaxed and rejuvenated? experience a slow, soft massage treatment with personalized aromatherapy oils that can help enhance your over-all wellbeing. This treatment will help you destress, reduce anxiety and any pain or discomfort in the body. Your mind will naturally feel at ease which will allow you to feel a sense of clarity.


Meditation is a practice that is being present in the mind and still able to observe your thoughts from an objective viewpoint, as opposed to allowing your thoughts to define you. A common practice would be deep breathing which allows the mind to calm and focus to be taken from distraction of thoughts


Aromatherapy essential oils, extracted from plants can enhance your well-being. Essential oils are uniquely personalized to your needs to promote a healthy balance of body and mind.

Oils can be utilized in many ways to enhance treatments offered at Serenity Sydney and as a self care tool for healing at home. Each individual oil is the perfect synergistic blend tailored to your needs.

Indian Head Massage

A modern treatment which originated in India, has become a popular treatment on the Ayurveda healing system. Indian Head Massage provides relief from stress or tensions in our everyday lives. Promotes a calming mind, relaxation and relieves stress.

Other benefits include: Boosts immune system, Promotes circulation and blood flow which prevents infections or diseases of the scalp and hair. Reduces anxiety, promotes a better quality of sleep, calms down frazzled nerves to gain a better mental clarity, boosts energy levels and detoxifies the body.

Mindful Nutrition

Being present in everything that we do and not allowing thoughts or feelings (usually created by our experience) define us. We need to apply the presence of the mind to the foods we eat. We go back to basics where we eat clean like it is our first time eating. Appreciate how the food looks, feels and smells. We then learn to really taste the food. If we give up food we love then weeks late we taste it differently as we tend to forget what it really tastes like. This is a sad side effect to mindless nutrition. We need to learn to have a better relationship with foods as it is our medicine which we can learn to love based upon what they do within our bodies which will allow us to make better choices.

Body Healing

Stands with holistic health as it covers the psychological awareness of finding balance in life. It dives deeper into the body and mind connection. Prevents and overcomes stressors. When the psychological area is dealt with, the physical problems dissipate naturally. This practice will balance out our social, psychological and physical health in order to ensure health and well-being as a whole.

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